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Environmentally efficient stuff

We started timberstuff because we're worried about the environmental damage relating to the manufacture, use and waste lifecycle of plastics.  We wanted to reduce our use of plastics where we can.

As frequent campers, we wanted to improve our pack out/pack up experience as well as our enjoyment when we're all set up at the camp site.

We now use timberstuff cupboards for our stuff!

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No More Plastic Boxes!

Tired of your place looking like a warehouse or stuff-a-geddon?  Our timberstuff boxes are great for storing your stuff, perfect for your laundry, garage or bedroom. Our timberstuff cupboards are made from external grade plywood

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Camping?  Glamping?

Our boxes make camping more like glamping!  You'll be the envy of all the other campers when you reach into your camp pantry for a glass for your chilled chardy, or bowl to serve up your world-famous chilli. 

After a week camping, reaching into plastic boxes on the ground, my back is toast.  Not so with the timberstuff stacka pantry!

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